BEWARE: A Warning To Anyone Buying Malawi Cane Furniture And Malawi Chairs

As Per 2oceansvibe (full article here):

“Due to the generic nature of our business and brand name, a lot of poor quality copycats have appeared with almost identical brand names, posing as us and causing confusion in the market. These Malawi cane furniture companies have even gone as far as using our photographs.

Both regular and new customers of ours have fallen into this trap and have received poor service and inferior goods that have not undergone quality control, and have also not been fumigated, resulting in borer beetle infestation. This is often the reason why some items are more competitively priced. Much like the products you see sold on the side of the road.

Please be mindful when googling and clicking any website with the word ‘Malawi’ and ‘cane’. Look carefully at the domain name of the websites.

Our brand name is ‘Malawi Cane’ and our shop in Diep River is ‘Malawi Cane Interiors’ and our websites are and – please check the domain name showing in your browser”


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