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Original Malawi Cane

Flower Chair

Flower Chair

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Introducing the stunningly beautiful Malawi cane Flower Chair, a unique piece of furniture that is handcrafted by skilled artisans. This chair is made entirely of natural Malawi cane, which has been expertly woven into the shape of a blooming flower.

The Malawi cane is known for its durability and strength, making it an ideal material for furniture. The intricate weaving technique used in creating this chair ensures that it is not only sturdy but also comfortable to sit on.

 The Malawi cane flower chair is a true work of art, with its petals meticulously crafted to create a realistic and stunning floral effect. The chair's circular base ensures stability while the curved backrest provides excellent support, making it perfect for relaxing in style.

Whether used as a statement piece in your living room or as a unique addition to your outdoor space, the Malawi cane flower chair is sure to impress. With its natural materials and beautiful design, this chair is not only comfortable but also an eco-friendly choice. Experience the beauty and comfort of the Malawi cane flower chair today.

 Dimensions: TBA 

(Please use these as a guideline as all our pieces are handcrafted to our custom range and may vary slightly)   *We are a wholesale operation and all prices listed exclude VAT


Materials used to make Malawi Cane furniture include a local hardwood, bamboo cane and water reeds.

Shipping & Returns

Malawi Cane has over a decade’s experience shipping around the world. So whether you need something delivered domestically in South Africa, or a container to Europe, we will take care of the logistics for you.

All our furniture is fumigated. In the unlikely event that you see signs of borer beetle (dust on the floor below the chair) within 6 months of purchase, please let us know and we will exchange the chair.


Care Instructions

All Malawi Cane products are made using natural rattan from Malawi. As with any natural product, care should be taken when exposed to the elements. Varnish or paint treatment is recommended for outdoor patio use.

Without care, and if exposed to constant direct UV rays or rain, the chairs will eventually go a silvery / grey colour and deteriorate, offering a rustic, Provençal look.

To prolong the life of your Malawi Cane pieces, we recommend:

- Regularly dusting them with a dry soft cloth.
- For spots a little harder to get to, use a soft bristle brush.
- If it’s raining, keep them undercover. It’s important to keep them dry and avoid a build- up of moisture and mildew. If they do get damp or wet, simply dry them out on a warm, sunny day when you next can.
- If there is heavy or prolonged periods of rain or humidity, we recommend bringing your pieces indoors during that time.

Please note that if a dark ‘mould’ ever forms, this is usually superficial and can be scrubbed off using a spoon of oxalic acid (available at most hardware stores) mixed in 5L of water and then rinsed.

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From Malawi to the world

It takes one person one week to make a single Malawi Chair. After that the artisans use bicycles to transport the furniture to our trucks, and then to our warehouse and quality control facility in Cape Town. From there we send out containers to the world.

  • National and international shipping

    Did you know Malawi Cane handles all shipping for clients throughout South Africa and the world? Get in touch to discuss.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    All of our furniture is fumigated against beetle. You can rest assured that we will exchange any damaged or infected product.